Partnership first!

Oranjeconsult is specialized in supporting partnerships. 

Recent projects:

Evaluation of the ILO project on Child Labour in the PALOP countries

Evaluation of the project to support Sectoral Dialogues between Brazil and the European Union

Project formulation for a partnership programme of historical justice in Turkey and Armenia

Partnership publication of three historical studies on 1948 fromIsraeli and Palestinean perspective

Study on corruption in public administration in Mozambique

Evaluation of EU programme in Angola supporting non-state actors

Base line survey on women’s land rights, coordinated between 5 partners in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi, for ActionAid International.

- supporting a joing programme formulation on international climate justice, with a coalition of Women in Europe for a Common Future, Interface for Cycling Experience, Friends of the Earth and Global Forest Coalition.

- drafting an professional education programme for the staff of the Ministry of Environmental Coordination, in Mozambique

- leading a strategy formulation process with the International Centre on Conflict and Negotiation in Georgia


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